Gay rights are human rights: Protecting GBTI men from domestic violence

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Ryan Quan


The study shows the emergence of domestic violence against Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GBTI) men in the Philippines. The study used primary sources such as international laws, local laws, and jurisprudence, both local and international, to conduct this research. The research showed a comparison of women and the LGBTI community both of which are under discrimination under the Philippine laws because they are treated as second class citizens. With the enactment of the Violation Against Women and Their Children of 2004 (VAWC), women have been empowered by being granted a special protection from domestic violence. However, the same cannot be said for GBTI men who are not covered under the law in cases of domestic violence done against the said group leaving them still powerless under the laws. With this mind, the researchers inferred that there is a gap or absence in the law due to the equal protection clause of the 1987 Constitution and the State's international obligations in due compliance with international laws which the Philippines ratified and thus the country must comply to protect every human regardless of any distinction without discrimination. The researchers now conclude and recommend to enact a law to protect GBTI men and lesbians from other abuses that are not included in the VAWC, from any domestic violence the same are experiencing and to give the said group the proper remedies and recourse against human rights violations.

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Family violence—Law and legislation--Philippines; Sexual minorities—Legal status, laws, etc.--Philippines

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