Strength properties of coconets subjected to different weathering conditions

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with Specialization in Structural Engineering

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Geotextiles main use is to solve problems concerning the geotechnical problems, specifically of soil erosion. But the most commonly used geotextiles are geosynthetics, which are made of synthetic material. But now the use of woven coir fibers, or known as coconets, is being proposed to replace the geosynthetics. Since it is a newly proposed solution, it still lacks in data about its properties and performance which makes it in turn not that reliable.

A portable tension and pull-out testing apparatus was made in this study to test and determine the tension and pull-out strength of coconets. Under the tension tests, the materials is also exposed to different weathering conditions specifically fresh water, salt water, soil and water mixture, high temperatures and UV radiation to observe the performance of the coconets on its actual application to the field. Certain studies like the study of Cokee et al (2009) have shown that the degradation in the tensile strength of coir fibers takes place in the different exposures. The data received from the tests were plotted to observe the behavior of the tensile strength of the coconets after subjecting to the different weathering conditions.

In order to lessen the degradation of the coconets, it is treated with NaOH solution which in the study of Gu (2009) showed that at a certain percentage of the solution, it can increase the strength of coir fibers. The result of this study was plotted and it was observed that the chemical did not improve the performance of the coir fibers but instead it lessened the tensile and pull-out strength of the coconets.

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Geotextiles; Coir; Geosynthetics; Soil conservation

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