Management of challenging behaviors of selected kindergarten students: A case study

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Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

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Anne Marie R. Ramos
Ma. Carolina De Ocampo


The purpose of this study was to describe the different types of challenging behaviors manifested by kindergarten students, the techniques utilized by parents and teachers in handling them, and the factors affecting their behavioral management techniques in a private school in Quezon City.

The case study was conducted in a Montessori school in Novaliches, Quezon City. The participants of this study were four kindergarten students, four parents, and four teachers. This study utilized observation, survey questionnaire, checklist, and an interview guide in gathering the data. Furthermore, follow-up phone interviews were conducted to some respondents to clarify some of their responses and to gain more insights.

The general findings of the study demonstrates that the different challenging behaviors manifested by the four kindergarten students are hitting, name-calling, throwing objects, shouting, running aimlessly, crying, tantrums, talking back, and seeking-attention. Meanwhile, the techniques utilized by the four parents are reinforcements, special time, punishment, and reprimands. As for the techniques utilized by the four teachers, these are reinforcement, special time, ignoring, time-out, and reprimands. In addition, the factors affecting the behavioral management techniques of selected four parents are their parenting style, gender, age of the child, socio-economic status, profession, educational background, and life experiences. Finally, the factors affecting the behavioral management techniques of teachers are age, educational background, age-group, teaching experience, and class size. As for recommendation, this study suggests that parents and teachers work hand in the proper implementation of positive practices and techniques for discipling their children as well as their students.

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