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Salaguinto is one of Diwa-Asia Publication's various scholastics enhancement materials or SEM, published bimonthly for grade school students. Salaguinto magazine features up-to-date information pertaining to science that intellectually challenge and cultivate the mind of the students by articles, games, projects and activities they print under the curriculum of the Elementary Learning Competency of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports.

With the emergence of the Internet, the proponents opt to combine science and technology, by making an online science edition for Salaguinto and to teach grade 6 students nationwide using the Internet as the medium. Salaguinto Interactive is the interactive website designed for Salaguinto magazine's grade six editions. The website features a homepage, a just play page (a direct link to interactive lessons), an online quiz page, an online library, a link for back issues, the regular features of the magazine, about Salaguinto page, a feedback page, a know Lino page, and an e-mail us page.

In the homepage, the highlighted articles of Salaguinto magazine are what the proponents features as the interactive lessons, wherein students are given options to play and learn through Flash animators or read the HTML version instead.

The online quiz mentally challenges the student. At first, the students will be required to register. Then, a questionnaire will be answered thereafter. The database system will then evaluate and reveal the total number of correct answers made by the students. An option to view the correct answers is also given.

The online library allows students to search for science articles, which are exclusively published in Salaguinto magazine.

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