Dynamics of attrition rate management in a Philippine call center : a system dynamics perspective

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Industrial Engineering

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Mutuc, Jose Edgar S.

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Li, Richard.

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Siy, Eric A.
Li, Richard, department chair
Dungca, Jonathan R., dean


The call center over the past years has been exercising high attrition globally. High attrition has cost associated with it and is one of the highest. Managers and the academe have been trying to solve the attrition problem since they have not described the “instigating mechanism” of attrition (Steel & Lounsbury, 2009). This was solved by considering the four issues that Mobley (1982) listed as prerequisites to understand attrition. The study aims to fill that gap by utilizing social exchange theory with an application of employee engagement and the system dynamics methodology. These would serve as a means to incorporate soft variables in a dynamic process and is investigated over time. The study showed the root because high attrition is the lack of skills of newly hired agents. Sensitivity analysis identified a critical loop and had insights that were capitalized on to come up with solutions that included a practical policy on an accelerated program for the new hires.

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Call center agents -- Philippines

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