Design and implementation of telemetry on an Arduino-based vending machine via SMS

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Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg

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Catalan, Jose Antonio M.

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Abad, Alexander C.

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Jose, John Anthony C.
Maningo, Jose Martin Z.


Vending machine technology and marketability have grown immensely over the past decades taking advantage of lower marketing and operational cost. Empty vending units caused by poor item replenishment is one challenge that can greatly affect operational cost and profits. Current item replenishment process included manual visual inspection of total items dispensed by the machine and route-man that has to bring larger quantities of products to ensure availability as needed when they are already on-site.

The project is an insight into implementing an Arduino-based vending machine with reporting notification via SMS to provide an updated information of what, when and where a vending unit needs restocking. Using an ATMEGA2560 micro-controller programmed by Arduino as primary vending controller interfaced with SIM800 to enable communication with a central host computer thru SMS notificaion. Vendor operators can generate management reports to give an overall picture of product sales per vending unit to minimize if not eliminate out-of-stock events to maximize profit and increase customer purchase by ensuring item is always available. Just-in-time restocking advantage also save variable resource like labor, gas and product inventory.

The project targets to reinforce inventory by sending SMS notification directly from the vending machine controller to vending operator that will support item-restocking data. Data can be utilize in generating information from a central office essential for route structuring to replenish items in order to increase efficiency and lessen operational cost. Route drivers would be empowered to closely manage inventory and route scheduling remotely via central host and can be easily disseminated among route persons via SMS where the actual number of items that needs to be replenish is provided, possibly eliminating significant amount of the time spent on labor.

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Vending machines

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