A communication package for Kaisahan ng Magulang at Anak na Maykapansanan (KAISAKA, Inc.)

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Kaisahan ng Magulang at Anak na Maykapansanan (KAISAKA, Inc.) is a non-profit, non-government organization that conducts a community based rehabilitation (CBR) program of persons with disabilities and their families based in the urban poor community of Malate, Manila.

The communication goals of KAISA's CBR program are : 1) the purpose of the CBR program's physical therapy sessions and how it can help their children, and 2.) for the stakeholders to be knowledgeable about their children's disability. However, they were not able communicate the information to their stakeholders. This resulted in 30 out of 160 of their beneficiaries withdrawing from the program which 17 of them were cerebral palsy patients.

To solve the organizational communication problem a communication package which consists of a handbook and posters was produced. The handbook contained information about cerebral palsy, physical therapy, and answers to the concerns of parents and guardians of cerebral palsy patients who have been experiencing doubts or hesitation about the physical rehabilitation process that would lead them to withdraw their children from attending the physical therapy sessions. The message of the poster is KAISAKA's response to the most common complaint and reason for withdrawal, which is not getting any results or improvement after month of physical therapy.

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