Unveil: Muslimahs and their hijabi life, a photo essay on the lives of veiled Muslim women

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Muslim women are always identified donning their veils. Their veil which is called as Hijab has constituted various meanings and symbols. These different coverings worn by Muslim women like the Hijab (headscarf or veil) and abaya (cloaks) are worn in reference to the teachings of Quran, which is to lower the gaze of men and women, to dress modestly, and to avoid showing adornments. Even though the Quran does not mandate to wear a Hijab, Muslim women fulfill this in order to show their Islamic identity and faith. In this modern age, some Muslimahs (women who done hijab) still experience stereotyping, discrimination, misrepresentation, or Islamophobia. Although the hijab symbolizes a Muslim woman's identity or religion, in some cases oppression and subordination can also be ascribed to it. Since the meanings behind wearing a hijab is a sensitive and highly debated topic which has always been switching between a symbol of freedom or oppression, nonetheless its context always varies between different religion and culture.

Unveil: Muslimahs and their hijabi life is a photographic essay which shows the lives of Muslim women who particularly practice donning hijabs. The proponent who is a non-Muslim aims to go deeper the meanings and functions of hijab, and to go beyond all the prejudice that surround it. Furthermore, this photo essay intends to show the understanding of their religion and culture, and to capture their different daily practices and culture (e.g. Salah or Muslim prayer). The preparation for Ramadan, Ramadan (a month of fasting), and Eid'l Fitr (festival of breaking the feast which marks the end of Ramadan) are highlighted in this photo essay.

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Muslim women -- Social conditions; Muslim women --Clothing; Hijab (Islamic clothing); Muslim women --Conduct of life

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