A home monitoring system using ultrasonic, magnet, and infrared sensors, wirelessly integrated to an android application

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg

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Abuan, Donabel D.

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Roque, Maria Antonette C.

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Del Rosario, Jay Robert B.
Cabatuan, Melvin K.


This thesis is about developing a simple but effective home monitoring system using ultrasonic, infrared, and magnetic sensors and developing an Android application that views the data from the sensors wirelessly, which can be a cheaper alternative to more expensive types of home security systems. The objective of the thesis is to develop an effective floor plan for the systems, develop the controller of the system using an Arduino-based microcontroller, control a GSM module in order to send alerts through SMS, developing a database which is responsible in collecting the sensor data, and develop an Android application for checking the data from the database. The materials used in the thesis are: US-100 Ultrasonic sensors, HC-SR501 Passive Infrared Sensors, Reed Switches, Gizduino X Arduino-based microcontroller, Siemens TC35 GSM module, ENC28j60 Ethernet Shield, Android SDK, PHP, MySQL, Arduino.CC, and connecting wires. It employed a series of tests in order to determine the efffectivity and accuracy of each individual sensors and the overall effectivity, effective area and range of the whole system as well as the ability of the system to upload the data gathered from the sensors into the database and access through an Android application. The results yielded an overall system effectivity of 92 percent, hence it can be said that is an effective home monitoring system using SMS alerts.

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Electronic security systems; Security systems; Ultrasonics; Androids

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