Concrete, useful and tangible: Patentability of business methods

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Legal Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Commercial Law

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Christopher E. Cruz

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Edward P. Chico

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Lily Ann M. Padaen
Michael David B. Azucena
Hilario S. Caraan


Today, we live in an era which owes everything to inventors -- the information age. The World Wide Web was developed in the early 1990s and a large part of it is used for commercial purposes mainly companies buying and selling goods and services online. This is what we call the e-commerce.

With the increasing number of cases of intellectual property and the growing economy of the Philippines in terms of technological development, it is just fitting that the law protects the intellectual creations of the country. There is already a trend globally that business methods are already considered as patentable subject matter. The Philippines, which seems to be outdated when it comes to its laws regarding intellectual property, does not allow the patentability of business methods.

This thesis aims to make an amendment in the law, which is to make business methods as patentable subject matter. The researcher recommends to make a sub-section under Section 22 on non-patentable subject matter, clarifying that ... doing business, and programs for computers do not disquality computer--implemented business methods from being considered as patentable subject matter as long as the said business method qualifies under the enumeration stated in Section 21 of the Intellectual Property Code regarding patentable inventions.

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Business method patents; Patent laws and legislation--Philippines

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