Design and development of computer simulated manual for transmission of signals laboratory

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Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg

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Africa, Aaron, Dr.

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Abad, Alexander C., Engr.

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Cabatuan, Melvin, Engr.
Bandala, Argel, Engr.


This paper is about the thesis entitled “Design and Development of computer Simulated Laboratory Manual for LBYEC37”. Basically, this thesis’ main objective is to create or develop a computer simulated approach for a laboratory course about transmission of signals. The manual will compose of 10 different experiments of different topics that will teach students how to simulate topics about transmission of signals in the MATLAB software. Each experiments consists of the objectives of the experiment, tools to be used, procedure, data and results and question and answer. Each experiment will compose of data and results that may be in the form of numerical values, 2D and 3D visualization. After designing and developing the manual, it will be tested to a course instructor of the transmission of signals course and to groups of students. After testing a survey will be given to them for evaluations and opinions of the manual. This thesis will also create tutorial videos of each experiment for instructors.

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88, 103 unnumbered leaves ; illustrations (some colored) ; 28 cm.

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