Characterization of selected mortars in the synthesis of intervention masonry mortars: Preservation of Malate Church

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Physics with Specialization in Materials Science

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Romeric F. Pobre

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Christopher Que

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Al Rey C. Villagracia
Prane Mariel Ong


In this study, stone masonry mortars and bricks collected from Malate Church in Manila, Philippines were characterized, and the results of characterization tests were used for production of new compatible mortars, which would then be used for conservation of the structure. This study utilizes Scanning Electron Microscopy coupled with Electron Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy, Differential Thermal Analysis and Porosity and Density measurements by total immersion in boiling water to characterize the physical, chemical, and mineralogical compositions of mortars. The results indicated that the mortars were non-hydraulic and were produced by the natural sands, organic products, and attached with brick components. The use of hydraulic lime mortars can be related to the structural requirements of these buildings. The result indicated the presence of dolomitic minerals, and siliceous materials, and suggests the presences of quartz, albite and anorthite. Lime/aggregate ratios (L/Ag) of the produced intervention mortars were in the range of 1:6 (Lime/Fine Aggregate), 1:3:0.25 (Lime: Coarse Aggregate: Crushed Bricks). Standard sand was used as aggregate. The additive used were stick rice solution, old coconut husks, titanium oxide nanocoat, and palm oil. It was found that the control group of mortars had better strengths than the mortars with additives, although the carbonation time for the intervention mortars were short to make an accurate decision.

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