Student information software program and barcode scanner as an information verifier of student data and student population tracking system : a thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics And Communications Engg

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Navea, Roy Francis

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Dupo, Voltaire

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Navea, Roy Francis
Encarnacion, Alain


The verification of student identity upon entry and exit from a school campus is crucial for monitoring the behavior of students with respect to their commitment to attending classes. The objective of this study is to develop a system that will automatically scan a student ID card and use the alphanumerical data from the scan in two sets of programs namely, the Student Information Login and Logout Program: one that will load the information of a student from a database by matching the value of the barcode ID to a text file with a filename that is a matching code and then display the contents of the database file when the ID is confirmed to be valid and finally to increment the number of students presently within the campus to keep track of the student population within the campus and this is used when a student logs in to the campus, and a program that will also verify the identity of the student through the same process with the exception that it will decrement the number of students presently within the campus and this is used when a student logs out of the school premises. When the experiment came to its conclusion, it was determined that the objectives of the study to create a program that will monitor the entry and exit of students to and from the campus, and keep track of the student population by increasing the number of students when a login is performed and doing the opposite when a logout is performed were met because the system performed to the full extent of its intended operating capacity.

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Scanning systems; Computers -- Access control; Database design; Database management

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