An implementation of simultaneous multiple device streaming and error handling for the communication and storage protocol for the ambient intelligent platform of the emphathic space (COSMOS)

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An empathic space is an environment where computers are able to respond to one's emotion or behavior. The space is able to adapt by providing changes on the ambient settings. The COSMOS protocol provides a way on how devices and applications communicate and transfer data between devices in the emphatic space. The protocol also provides an organized method for storing and accessing distributed data. Moreover, the empathic space also contains nodes which are devices or applications connected to a network and capable of sending and receiving data. COSMOS defines generic object called cosmos object, which is used to send commands and data for node to node communication and accessing data readily available on the network. COSMOS also provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables the user to device functions and commands for nodes usage and data acquisition and reception. Handling node accessibility, transferring data of any kind between nodes, as well as streaming real-time data are supported. As a result, data and node availability over the network and ambinent space computations are enhanced. Developers can utilize network functions, which are multiple access sof devices, request or data found on other systems or devices where these are stored such as developer workstations, and real-time stream of data from other data gathering nodes such as webcams and microphones. COSMOS is a communication and storage protocol that provides efficient data collection measures and a structuralized and accessible storage system for nodes and data as aids for researchers and other processes in the empathic space. This thesis document is an extension of the original COSMOS Protocol, with an implementation of Simultaneous Multiple Device Streaming and Error Handling, together with supporting additonal performance tests on streaming and synchronization, as stated in Chapters 5.4, 5.5, 6.6 and 6.7, respectively.

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Streaming technology (Telecommunications); Error messages (Computer science)

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