Modified insecticide bottle filling and capping machine

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management

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Santiago, Arthur Pius P.

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Bugtai, Nilo T.

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Musngi, Marlon Luis M.
Co, Homer S.


The Insecticide Bottle Filling and Capping Machine is a customized machine designed specifically for filling and capping Big R insecticide bottles of Mapecon Philippines, Inc. It can successfully process bottles with a production rate of 6 bottles per minute. The original machine has some limitations though it cannot process bottles simultaneously, there is a need for observing a specific distance of placing bottles onto the machine, and the conveying system used also needs improvement.

The Modified Insecticide Bottle Filling and Capping Machine is an improvement on the previous machine. It has improved on the original machine through achieving the following improving the system of guide rails, improving the sensors used in the system, simultaneous filling and capping processes, and a production rate of 11 bottles per minute with a 5% rejection rate. These were achieved by modifying the different components of the machine.

Majority of the modifications done were on the mechanical components of the machine. The modified conveying system, with the use of station stoppers, were responsible for allowing the machine to fill and cap bottles simultaneously as well as eliminating the need for placing the bottles on a specific distance from each other when placing them onto the machine. A production rate of 11 bottles per minute was reached and the machine fills the exact volume of the solution 100% of the time.

Through various experiments and tests conducted with the machine, it can be concluded that the Modified Insecticide Bottle Filling and Capping Machine has improved on the original machine's overall efficiency and productivity.

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