A facilities planning and design of De Los Santos Medical Hospital's patient rooms

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

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Gokongwei College of Engineering


Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Jazmin C. Tangsoc

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Rosemary R. Seva

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Eric A. Siy


This study gives an overview of the current system documentation by gathering related data for assessment of the regular and large private patient rooms and patient room floor of De Los Santos Medical Center (DLSMC). Layout, physical environment, and voice of customer, management, and staff tools were used for the assessment in the study for evaluation if the current setting complies or not. The layout design parameters used were space, privacy & security, indoor wayfinding, movement & accessibility, and facility design requirements. While, physical environment is comprised of illumination, noise, temperature, and thermal comfort. Then, voice of customer, management, and staff is composed of requirements, complaints, and quantified based on data, surveys, and interviews. With the aid of Venn diagram of the overall findings in the study, the problem was identified.

The DOH standards, design considerations and constraints for the premier private patient room were considered. The feasible layouts were enumerated to determine the position of amenities by dividing the space into 6 grid which is combined with the final dimensions that will meet the management's requirement area of 20 to 25 m2 used for the mock-up design. The screened layouts were evaluated based on the responses: task time, satisfaction rating, and response ratio with the aid of interval Plot to obtain the final optimal layout design. The final optimal area of the patient room is 20 m2 wherein the patient bed is positioned at Grid 3, bathroom at Grid I, long john at Grid 2, and door is at Grid 6.

In designing the two expansion wing floors, the process of Systematic Layout Planning was used to determine the orientation and positioning of the facilities namely: patient room, nurse station, waiting area, and pantry considering DOH standards. The final design for the patient room floor yielded 8 patient rooms (16 for both floors) which were evaluated with the aid of cost benefit to provide the proposed design. The study is limited to giving general recommendations were given for the physical environment design parameters wherein the materials and administrative controls were given for the premier patient room and expansion wing floor.

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Patient rooms—Design and construction; Design—Human factors

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