Determination of concentrations of particulate matter and carbon dioxide (CO2) inside jeepneys and buses along Taft Avenue from Vito Cruz to United Nations

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Bachelor of Science in Premed Physics

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Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring


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Maria Cecilia Galvez

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Christopher Que

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Ofelia Rempillo
Giann Bernardo


Particulate matter is an indicator of air pollution. It is a complex and heterogeneous mixture that changes over time and space. It has chemical components that are toxic to human health. This research aims to measure and analyze the concentrations of PM2.5, CO2, and CO. The concentrations of the pollutants were measured by the researchers using the DUSTTRAK DRX Aerosol Monitor 8533 and a Portable Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AQMS) and to monitor the route that the researchers have taken, a Global Positioning System (GPS) was included. The collection of data was conducted along Taft Avenue from Vito Cruz to United Nations LRT stations. Data were collected twice a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon during weekdays for four weeks. After collecting and analyzing the data, the researchers observed that PM2.5 and CO concentrations were higher in jeepneys while CO2 concentration was higher in buses. On the other hand, comparison for the concentrations of the pollutants between morning and afternoon peak hours resulted in PM2.5 concentrations higher in the morning, while CO2 levels are higher in the afternoon. CO concentration is higher in the morning for jeepneys and afternoon for buses. Next, is the concentration difference between the days of the week, wherein observations were highly varied. Finally, the researchers also observed that concentrations of pollutants are particularly high in the regions of United Nations and Philippine General Hospital.

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Particulate matter—Philippines—Manila; Air—Pollution—Measurement

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