Arduino based air quality monitoring system

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Physics with Specialization in Materials Science

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Environmental Indicators and Impact Assessment | Environmental Monitoring


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Ma. Cecilia Galvez


Air quality is the state of air around us. It is important to measure the air we breathe to keep us and our loved ones safe. The problem is that most of the existing calibrated :devices are very expensive and very hard Lo be accessed and only selected places are being monitored alone in metro manila. The solution was to create an Arduino based air quality monitoring device that can help with this problem cutting the cost to a very affordable price, making the data accessible to everyone. The developed device was cross calibrated with a Lab grade particulate matter counter to improve its accuracy. Temporal and Diurnal variation was also analyzed when the developed device starts collecting data for particulate matter 10, particulate matter 2.5, Carbon monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide this parameter will also be correlated with Temperature and Humidity. The device sends the data to the internet and transfer it to a google sheet via ethernet connection. The Google sheet transfers the data to a Google site where everyone can see the real-time update from the developed Arduino air quality device. During the experimentation it was observed that here was no correlation with particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and Nitrogen dioxide with temperature and humidity. During a regular working week, it was also observed that particulate matter and gasses were higher compared to a non-working holiday week. Traffic congestion and vehicular emission plays an important role in the build-up of concentration of particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

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Air quality—Measurement—Equipment and supplies; Air—Pollution—Measurement—Equipment and supplies

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