Microbiological assessment of water samples from households and pump water in Sitio Kay Reyna, Lian Batangas

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Biology

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Esperanza C. Cabrera

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Mary Jane Cruz Flores


Groundwater is easily contaminated by various factors, putting the safety of those who drink from it at risk for health problems. The safety of the stored drinking water in households and pump water collected in Sitio Kay Reyna, Lian, Batangas in the months of November 2017 and December 2017 was microbiologically assessed. The fecal contamination of the water was examined using fecal coliform as indicator, which was detected using the multiple tube fermentation test. The quantities of the fecal coliforms were also determined using the most probable number method (MPN). Surveys on the practices of the households on the handling of their water supplies, and their living environment were also conducted to know the possible sources of contamination. The results of the study showed that 36 out of 37 stored drinking water samples or 97.28%, and 9 out of 11 pump water samples or 81.81% were positive for fecal coliforms, thus were unsafe for consumption according to the established Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water. According to the survey, the possible sources of contamination were the free-roaming pets and livestock, their method of storage and the lack of disinfection practices. The researchers presented the results of the study to the community and discussed with them the correct sanitation practices to prevent contamination of their water supplies, as well as the safe, standard disinfection methods they could use to decontaminate their drinking water. The results were likewise presented to the concerned government units for them to address the need to supply the community with safe water.

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Groundwater--Philippines (Lian Batangas); Water--Philippines (Lian Batangas); Microbiology; Sitio Kay Reyna

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