A marketing plan for Sunnies by Charlie

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Sunnies by Charlie.

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Eyewear in the Philippines is expected to have a strong growth in terms of spectacle frames due to higher disposable incomes and the trend of spending on eye health care. Moreover, spectacle frames are being considered a fashion accessory. Spectacle frames are still widely purchased in optical stores although individuals do not have brand preferences in terms of buying. With this, retailers are adding value-added services that enhance the customer shopping experience. Lastly, the growing BPO industry, which gives eye allowances to its employees, and increased myopia cases are also factors that would lead to growth for spectacle frames

Sunnies by Charlie is a contemporary retail brand that offers stylish and vibrant eyewear. In March 2014, Sunnies by Charlie has released its specs line in its kiosks without any marketing efforts to introduce the line. Their target market consists of young urban professionals and college students from ages 18-29, belonging to Socio-economic classes B and C.

The marketing plan focuses on their primary target market. The main goal of the marketing plan is to increase product awareness of Sunnies specs. Sunnies by Charlie's short term objectives are: (1) to gain brand awareness by having over 250,000 total social media followers from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (2) to have an increased product awareness of the spectacles line, and (3) to open additional 10 kiosks nationwide. To attain these goals and objectives, advertising programs, marketing programs, and public relations programs are to be implemented. This will be done through social media and in-store campaigns.

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Eyewear--Philippines--Marketing; Marketing; Advertising; Sunnies by Charlie, Inc

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