A marketing plan for the Oasis Paco Park Hotel

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Oasis Paco Park Hotel.

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Marketing Management

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The Oasis Paco Park Hotel is a boutique hotel that is tucked right beside the historic Paco Park. Established in 1990 as The Paco Park Hotel, it has been catering to its guest by providing them a home in Manila. In the year 2010, it was bought out by a hotel chain from Hongkong, and was taken over by AURA hotels and resorts as its managing company. Since then, the hotel underwent major renovations in different phases, starting from name Oasis, to its Food and Beverage up to its Hotel Staff.

Since its revamp, Oasis has had a successful set of marketing activities culminating to a strong 2013 performance with 84% occupancy. Its clientele mainly consists of individual and group travellers who are looking for a home during their stay in Manila. Although it has good business, it is admitted by the management that it does not have a definite target segment. Its communication mix, although it exists, are not utilized to its fullest extent. The aim of the researchers is to provide a human face to Oasis, a strong target market and a coherent communication strategy to reach this market along with improving overall profitability.

To do this, the group has chosen the market of foreigners and Filipinos in the age of 18-24

due to its potential. The identification of the problem and the viability of the market has been validated with a Usage, Awareness and Image Study conducted among the age group, an in depth survey, one of the primary and one of the secondary target market, an in Depth Interview with the Sir Jeffrey Miranda, the Hotel's General Manager and last but not the least using secondary data from Statistics and Market Research studies.

The marketing efforts that are featured within this paper are focused on where the target market is most likely to receive the message. Significant changes will occur with the communication mix in effort in making sure that the message is interactive and it responds to the priority features that the market demands. However, our projects will remain complimentary to those already existing and proven strategies by the hotel.

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Hotels--Philippines--Marketing; Advertising; Oasis Paco Park Hotel

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