Minute Maid Pulpy Orange: Go refresh: An integrated marketing communications campaign for Minute Maid

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Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Advertising Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Jay San Luis


Minute Maid Pulpy is a juice drink that was introduced in the Philippines in 2008. It belongs to the beverage industry under the product category of juice drinks. Based on the group's surveys and interviews, Minute Maid is well-known but it is not the top-of-mind brand among the consumers. The brand that is usually first mentioned is Tropicana, which is the direct competitor of Minute Maid. However, if people were asked which of the two they like more, most of the time they picked Minute Maid. The brand is yet to have a deeper connection with its consumers so that it will create brand loyalty and sustain awareness in the country.

The campaign aims 1.) to increase Minute Maid consumption 2.) to become the top of mind brand among the orange juice drinkers, and 3.) to build brand loyalty by creating a deeper connection with the consumers. 4) To achieve a heightened desire for the brand even after the campaign. These will be achieved, primarily through a digital campaign.

The target market for the campaign consists of male and female young professionals, ages 21-30 belonging to socio-economic class ABC1. These are young professionals that are technologically-inclined and socially active.

The campaign will use various media such as Print, Radio, OOH, Guerilla, especially Digital. The center of the campaign will revolve around the 30-day #TimeForMyself challenge which can be accessed through the microsite. Since the challenge employs the use of social media, which is the primary medium used by the consumers, it will create buzz and interest among the consumers.

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Marketing; Minute Maid; Advertising

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