A marketing plan for New Zealand Natural Premium Ice Cream

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Marketing Management

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Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


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Julie B. Tanada


NZN Ice Cream Inc. (Philippines) was appointed in 2010 as the licensed master franchisee of New Zealand Natural (NZN). The company aims to be the leading premium ice cream brand by bringing the all natural goodness of NZN Premium Ice Cream into the Philippines market. All the products are directly imported from New Zealand.

NZN Premium Ice Cream contains only the purest and finest ingredients the world has to offer. It is made with fresh dairy cream from cows that feed on the unpolluted pastures of the Land of the Long White Cloud , New Zealand. Its selection ranges up to 30 unique and award-winning flavors from full-cream flavored ice creams to low-fat ice creams including 97% fat-free frozen yoghurts and 99% fat-free sorbets.

low-fat ice creams including 97% fat-free frozen yoghurts and 99% fat-free sorbets. As a tropical country, Philippines is exposed to three (3) seasons namely summer, rainy and cold dry season. Among these seasons, the demand for ice cream is intensely high during summer months. Philippines being the 12th most populated country in the world with more than 94 million inhabitants gives a perfect sign to set up a business. Moreover, according to various researches and forecasts, the ice cream industry is expected to boom more than its current growth rate in the following years.

This marketing plan aims to guide and help NZN Ice Cream, Inc. (Philippines) to achieve its goals and objectives. The group created fresh and innovative strategies backed with researched financial computations to assist the company to attain its goals.

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