For better or for worse?: A study on the state of local autonomy in the interventions of the national government in Yolanda rehabilitation

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Enrico Rex V. Cruz, III


There is no doubt that indeed, disasters have become a reality today. Particularly here in the Philippines, as the country lies in the Pacific Ring of Fire, we are faced with a lot of natural calamities every year. Recently, typhoon Yolanda which was deemed to be as one of the strongest storms, stuck the Philippines deeply affecting the provinces in the Visayas area.

In connection with the vast devastation that happened, the national government immediately responded to the tragedy by implementing the Adopt-a-town program and Yolanda Rehabilitation Master Plan. However, the keen action is in question, as it is perceived to be a violation of the local autonomy granted to the local government units by the 1987 Constitution and the Local Government Code of 1991. Through executing rehabilitation plans without conducting prior consultation with the local government, there exists a qualm whether or not the intervention of the national government constitute superseding on the power of the local government to control and manage its own local affairs. It has been grounded on the law the powers of the local government must be liberally interpreted and it has the right to promote the general wwelfare of its constituents by taking the lead in providing basic services.

This study addresses the said issue by looking into related Philippine laws, particularly the Local Government Code of 1991, jurisprudence and discussions in order to shed light about local autonomy. Furthermore, the researchers would also compare the situation of the local government of the different Asian countries and how they responded when faced with disasters.

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Local government--Law and legislation--Philippines; Disaster relief--Philippines; Typhoon Haiyan, 2013

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