Game of thrones: The return of chief justice Corona a research work regarding impeachment proceedings and the possible remedies of former chief justice Corona to appeal give that the bribery among the senators were true

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A public office is a public trust. With such trust come responsibilities in line with the accountability and dependability of public officials. They are expected to provide good governance free from corruption, deception and bias.

Impeachment is a special proceeding. It is one of the ways wherein scrupulous officials were removed from office, hence, cleansing the government from these corrupt and unjust officers. During the recent impeachment case the head of the judiciary department, Former Chief Justice Corona, was easily removed from office. After the conviction, an issue regarding bribery among the senator arose during Senator Jinggoy Estrada's privilege speech.

Given that the bribery among the senators who conducted the impeachment trial was true, to whom, where and when may the former Chief Justice appeal?

This thesis aims to conduct a study regarding impeachment proceedings, and its possibility to be appealed, given that the decision of the former impeachment case is tainted with bribery. It will discuss the possible remedies of the former Chief Justice's appeal.

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