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Sixteen years had passed since the creation of the 1987 Constitution and yet there has been no implementing law with respect to the prohibition of political dynasties. Here, one will realize how the exercise of powers affects the character of the Legislature. Inevitably, public interest and individual peculiar interest influences the duties of our representatives in implementing laws. These negative circumstances attribue to the poor representation of the sovereignty to the people. Ironically, the people of the country have chosen these extraordinary individuals to carry out the responsibility, but it turns out that they have abandoned their duty in preserving the interest of the people.

It is frustrating if the Congress did commit a breach of a constitutional obligation for the failure in implementing a law that will define the scope of political dynasties. It is of significance that every provision of the fundamental law of the land must be given life and meaning. Furthermore, the provision does not only entail a mere prohibition in what constitutes poitical dynasties, but it is also believed that through this prohibition the country will achieve an anticipated and widened political opportunities for the people to enjoy and to be benefited.

Here lies a dilemma, which would turn out as a boundless cycle if the Congress still would fail to perform their duty and omit the importance of this provision. The enactment of this law is presumed to more or less give equal conditions under which candidates run for public offie. The Congress must give life and meaning to the prohibition against political dynasties. Speculatively speaking, this occurrence should not have resulted to inevitable debate and discussion if personal motives were set-aside in the fulfillment of a duty to implement laws. Nonetheless, the matter on hand is presumed to be a result of a failure to fulfill a Constitutional duty.

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