A systems study on the distribution system of Phoenix Construction Corporation

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Industrial Engineering


Phoenix Construction Corporation is a company that perpetuates in business providing ready mixed concrete. Ready mixed concrete is common construction raw material used to pave concrete roads, erect structures, and construct buildings. This is specifically for the continuously increasing construction corporations that require the concrete mix to be delivered to their projects.

This service of mixing concrete makes use of transit mixers as modes of transporting the mixed concrete to the various construction locations. These transit mixers go constantly to and from construction sites during the day. The dilemma of Phoenix is that their deliveries are late 23% of the time. The subsequent deliveries are ultimately moved to the next available time until the whole operation of the plant extends beyond midnight.

With sufficient research and analysis, it has been found out that the two main reasons for such predicament are tardiness and absenteeism of transit mixer driver and pumpcrete being late in the construction site. Extended working hours and poor scheduling seem to the cause this unfavorable situation.

To answer the problems regarding tardiness and absenteeism, a shifting work schedule is proposed. Instead of working for 6 days continuously, drivers will be given a 2-day rest period in between two 2-day work schedules. An eight-hour rest may just be what these drivers need to perform their jobs effectively. With regards to unexpected tardiness and absenteeism, the proposed system will ensure the company of extra drivers in the plant who will be always ready to fill in for late or absent drivers.

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