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Isuzu Motors has the longest history of any Japanese vehicle manufacturer. They are globally known for their commercial vehicles and diesel engines which now benefit people in over 100 countries. The company's history is highly respected because of its potential to respond to ever-changing demands of the market as well as of society. With its technological edge, Isuzu has kept setting the pace for the industry in developing fuel-efficient, low-emission and powerful diesels. Isuzu has a global diesel engine supply network that encompasses Europe, North America, Japan and other parts of Asia. Isuzu Philippines Corporation (IPC) is one of the overseas subsidiaries located in the Philippines.

Applying for internship in IPC is not a difficult process because the company is always welcome to accept student interns. Their requirements for pre-employment are not that complex because they only asked for the resume and medical exam. The interview process also went simple because the topic focused only about the agreement with the work schedule and the department where the intern will be assigned. There is nothing personal or logical questions that were asked during the interview and it only took a few minutes.

During the first days of the training, the intern is getting assigned in multiple departments such as in accounting, human resource, and even in the company clinic. But then it is in accounting department where the intern was originally assigned. Being assigned in multiple departments is due to the reason that there is a lack of interns during the period and such departments are in need of student's assistance that could help in doing some minor tasks. In human resource department and in clinic, the task were given are just simple ones like organizing the employees records, arranging them alphabetically, encoding, photocopying and scanning some documents. However, in the accounting department, it is there where some complex tasks were assigned like working on Microsoft excel and distributing BIR documents to the suppliers. Although, there are also simple task given such as arranging the sales invoice by its number, compiling accounting documents, and organizing record piles.

Being able to have internship training in the IPC has provided the opportunity to witness and observe the actual business setting of the organizations. Different activities within a particular division of the company have been assigned and were able to carry out during the internship period. With that, it gave an impression that an established organization like Isuzu also has room for improvement. There are systems in the organization's business activities that can serve as a target for enhancement in order to bring out a better practice of carrying out the activity.

The presented projects introduce proposition that includes practices in improving the system of executing a particular business activity and furthermore, it provide suggestions which could promote better opportunities for the company.

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