The consequences of computerization in the rural bank of Porac

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Behavioral Sciences

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


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Behavioral Sciences

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Jesusa Marco

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Alicia Manlangit

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Romeo Lee
Robert Salazar


This descriptive study is about the computerization in Rural Bank of Porac. The study focused on the consequences and factors that facilitated and/or hindered the use of computers. The researchers used in-depth interview in obtaining the data essential to the study. There were 20 respondents from the four departments of the bank namely, cash, loans, administration and accounting departments that were chosen for the study. Five (5) managers and fifteen (15) employees were asked about the consequences of computerization in their areas of work as well as the factors that have facilitated and/or hindered their adoption. From the results that were gathered and analyzed, the researchers found out that all of the respondents were willing to accept computerization and the consequences were mostly positive. Some of the positive consequences that were mentioned by the respondents were the following: there was more time to mingle with co-employees, productivity increased and the bank's services improved. The results also showed that there were more facilitating factors than hindering factors that were mentioned by the respondents. Majority of the respondents claimed that support of the bank and their basic knowledge on computers were two of the factors that helped them in adopting to the change. On the other hand, some of the factors that hindered the employees were lack of enough knowledge regarding computers and the fear of handling computer glitchers.

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