A study on the constitutionality of Women's Higher Education Act of 2010

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Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Legal Management

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Commercial Law

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James Keith C. Heffron

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Zenaida S. Manalo
Augusto R. Bundang


A study was conducted by the researchers regarding the constitutionality of Senate Bill No. 794 or Women's Higher Education Act of 2010. Senate Bill No. 794 is an bill introduced by Senator Jinggoy Ejercity-Estrada on July 7, 2010 which aims to provide higher educational opportunities for women by granting scholarships to qualified high school students. As of present, it is pending before the committees on Education and Arts and Culture, Youth, Women and Family Relations and Finance.

In this study, the researchers focused on examining Section IV of Senate Bill No. 794 which concerned the requirements provided by the bill to determine which students are qualified to avail of the scholarship. Undue delegation of legislative powers were claimed by the researchers as Section IV of Senate Bill No. 794 failed to satisfy valid delegation of legislative powers which must be in accordance with the completeness and sufficient standards test. Total declaration of unconstitutionality of Senate Bill No. 794 is also claimed by the researchers due to the invalidity of Section IV of the bill itself.

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