PAGCOR e-games: Complying with the provisions of the PAGCOR charter or not?

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Gambling in the Philippines is an issue that will always be present. It has been around in the country and people are used to it. Add the fact the advances in the technology in the country can be felt by everyone. Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation is the one governing the gambling in the country. Presidential Decree 1067-A gave way to the creation of PAGCOR and it was future amended by Republic Act 9487 which is known as the PAGCOR Charter. Under the charter, PAGCOR is allowed to grant franchises and E-Games is a franchise that PAGCOR entered in to with PhilWeb. E-Games is a café that operates gambling through the internet and the use of computers.

The main purpose of this paper is to establish the connection of E-Games and the PAGCOR Charter. Is iot really following the provisions stated in the charter? There are inconsistencies when it comes to the provisions under the charter and the establishment of the E-Games as a whole.

The research concludes that E-Games is not complying with the PAGCOR Charter. A law was passed to create the PAGCOR, the same law allowed PAGCOR to establish E-Games, as a rule, a new law should not exceed the power of the law that created it. PAGCOR has three pronged mandate: 1) regulate gambling, 2.) earn profit for government projects and 3.) attract tourists. By carefully studying the operation of E-Games and it's relationship to the Charter, it can be said that E-Games only follows one of the three main reasons why PAGCOR was created and it only to earn profit. Aside from not being mentioned in the recently amended PAGCOR Charter, E-Games also does not follow the location where gambling paraphernalia can be used.

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