Under the gavel of the Supreme Court: An inquiry into the power of the Supreme Court to review the orders, resolutions or decisions of the Impeachment Court under the 1987 Constitution

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Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Legal Management

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Commercial Law

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Mark Kristopher G.Tolentino

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James Keith C. Heffron
Christopher E. Cruz


The role of the Supreme Court in the Impeachment in accordance with the Constitution has been taken into consideration. The study aims to answer the Judicial Power of the Supreme Court to review the orders, resolutions or decision of the Impeachment court based on the provisions in the 1987 Constitution, Jurisprudence, books regarding the Constitution and the Rules of Court as well as opinions of the experts of the Constitution in the country.

To investigate the problem, we take into consideration the intent of the farmers of the 1987 Constitution and the different relating to the issues at hand. Results show that indeed the Supreme Court can subject to review the orders, resolutions or decisions of the Impeachmental long as it satisfies the necessary requisites enumerated in the provisions of the Constitution and the Law. This means that the Supreme Court have to tackle the impeachment proceedings with great hesitation not to upset the balance of the three branches. Implying that it is critical for the Judicial Department to employ its power of certiorari whenever necessary in order to maintain the equilibrium in the three branches of government.

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