A feasibility study on express-o-wrack (100 Co.)

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Business Management


Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business


Business Management


The feasibility study of 100% Co.'s Express-O-Wrack shall discuss the viability and marketability of the product. The Background of the Study discusses the relevance of the study in relation to components in the environment. It primarily relates how the product and the company came into existence.

The features and benefits of Express-O-Wrack are part of the Market Study. This part determines the marketability of the product and how the proponents intend to market it. The analysis of the survey, which brings in the preferences, is also included in this chapter to give justification to the market survey, which brings in the preferences, is also included in this chapter to give justification to the market share.

Technical Study includes the production process and description of materials and equipment used. Basically, it is all about the production plan and strategies of the company.

As to the structure of the corporation, the Management and Legal Study discusses the job positions and description. Aside from this, it includes the legal matters and requirements in setting up the business.

In terms of the financial aspects in the business, the Financial Study includes the assumptions and the budget. Justifications for such the allotment of budget are also illustrated through the tables and computations.

The Socio-Economic Study discusses the significance of being civic-oriented, especially by businesses, such as what the proponents are to set up. The corporation's responsibility to all its stakeholders is also discussed.

The proponents of 100% Co. has proposed the operation of the business in the points that their product, Express-O-Wrack is feasible and viable. In the context that quantitative and qualitative facts can be presented, the company has the reassurance that the business would mean favorable results in the long run.

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