A volunteer retention package and communication plan for Operation Blessing Foundation, Inc.

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Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines is a non-government organization that aims to help anyone in need through assistive projects and inspiring change in their lives. This organization is heavily dependent upon volunteers. At the moment, there are 2, 469 volunteers registered in the database. Their missions and projects are organized and conducted by the organization's staff and carried out through the help of a number of volunteers.

Currently, the organization has been unable to use relationship building efforts that foster all organization-public relationship dimensions. Though OB has been abundantly receiving new volunteers that want to partake in the organization’s missions, there are volunteers who stop volunteering after a while at OB. This affects the organization effectivity in achieving its goals and tasks.

OB has been using mission-focused orientations for volunteers, a volunteer manual, and social media or text messaging to build relationships with the volunteers. However, these efforts are all structured to inform about the missions that volunteers have joined or will join and not so much to build relationships. This results in volunteers only being informed about their work and not having that relationship with OB that can inspire them to continue volunteering with the organization.

Given this, relationship building efforts that encourage volunteers to stay are implemented: 1) a handbook 2) an orientation PowerPoint presentation 3) a volunteer booklet 4) five reminder posters and, 5) feedback forms. These projects aim to let volunteers know that they are valued and appreciated by OB, the information about the organization, their tasks and the missions, that they can raise their concerns and suggestions to the organization anytime, and that their efforts have a great contribution to OB's achievements. All these messages help build the relationship between the organization and its volunteers which aid in leading to better volunteer retention capabilities.

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Operation Blessing Foundation, Inc.--Public relations; Volunteers--Philippines; Voluntarism--Philippines

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