Dreamwalker: A web series

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Dreamwalker is a five episode web series about Leo Rivera, a 19-year-old fine arts student, whose unresolved grief and trauma surface into his dreams as his roommates. Two years ago, Leo's parents died when their house went up in flames. Deep inside Leo has always blamed himself for their death. Leo's resistance with dealing with his grief and emotions have impeded him from healing. From his subconscious, these neglected feelings manifest in his dreams and take the form of strange roommates. The monk, the astronaut, and the clone. Each of three represents Leo in some sort of way and is a human embodiment of an emotion, feeling, or issue Leo has suppressed. Once Leo awakens from his dreams he finally allows himself to take the first step in dealing with the death of his parents.

Dreamwalker is aimed to portray the struggles of teenage bereavement and to highlight the healing power of dreams and its effect in a person's waking life. Bereaved teenagers resist the mourning process and opt to repress their emotions and feelings. This makes bereaved teenagers vulnerable to developing unresolved grief which yields unpleasant results that could ultimately be highly detrimental to one's overall well-being. Dreamwalker intends to depict the use of dreams as a means to aid a bereaved teenager towards healing. Dreams have the capability to shed light on certain aspects, bring resolution to conflicts, and usher the psyche towards healing. The unconscious mind has a way of taking what is repressed and disguises these as dreams in order to take these issues into one's consciousness so that the dreamer could finally confront and overcome these matters. Upon understanding the messages that dreams hold, dreams can become catalysts for transformation and healing.

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Bereavement--Psychological aspects; Dreams; Teenagers' dreams; Video recordings

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