Wireless rogue access point detection with DD-WRT

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Gregory G. Cu

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Arlyn Verina L. Ong
Miguel Alberto N. Gomez
Alexis V. Pantola


Rogue access points in any organizations are a threat to the security and integrity of the system of the business. To detect rouge access points, network administrators use wireless scanners to detect rouge access points. The network administrator decides which access points are legitimate since a wireless scanner does not have the ability to differentiate from legitimate and rouge access points. This is tedious work for the network administrator since he/she may need to scan the network constantly. Rouge access point detection can be developed using legitimate access points in network as network scanners and a separate application using legitimate access points in the network scanners and a separate application can decide which access point’s connection in the network. Although there are commercial products already available, these products need high technical expertise, manual interventions, around the clock maintenance/monitoring and special devices. The study proposes the use DD-WRT based wireless access points as network scanners for detecting rouge access points effectively and easy to manage. An application is also to be developed that can manage, gather information from DD-WRT devices, determine and render rouge access points useless. Tests are conducted to the system to determine the effectiveness of detecting and terminating rogue devices. Using the current implementation where sniffing processes are running in background makes the detection time faster and shows great improvement that the previous implementation.

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