Electromechanical injection of LPG fumigation for diesel engines (ELF DIESEL)

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Karlo Shane O. Campos
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Gregory G. Cu


In the current state of technology, diesel powered engines are most widely used in factories, heavy machineries and automobiles. However, the difficulties in using diesel only powered engines are, because of its low power output, low torque bands, higher costs, loud engine noise and increased soot emissions. A Fumigation system is the process of introducing gaseous fuel into the air intake of an internal combustion engine. While alternative sources of fuels are being sought by engineers, the use of the LPG fumigation system seem to exhibit the best overall power output, efficiency and emission benefits in the architecture of existing diesel engines. In order to determine the correct amount of LPG that would be released into the air stream of a diesel engine, different kinds of sensors will be strategically placed within the fumigation system.

The system includes a number of sensors that would monitor operating characteristics of the engine such as revolutions per minute, manifold pressure, vehicle speed and exhaust temperature. An electro-mechanic valve will regulate the flow of LPG into the injectors, thus controlling the air intake of the engine. Upon the release of the LPG into the chamber, the diesel will ignite and combustion will occur. The system seeks to achieve the optimum mix of LPG and diesel that will result to a diesel engine that produces reduced pollutants and soot emissions and increased torque. This will lead to a vehicle with better drivability and improved responsiveness.

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Diesel motor exhaust gas; Liquefied petroleum gas; Automobiles--Motors--Fuel injection systems; Automobiles--Fuel systems

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