An X-Y cutting table for a handheld powermax 350 plasma torch

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering and Management


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Manufacturing Engineering and Management

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Mark Jansson L. Kho

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Oscar G. Unas

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Edgardo Guison
John-John P. Cabibihan


The X-Y cutting table for a handheld powermax 350 plasma torch is a device that produces shapes drawn in AutoCad2000 within ± 1.0 mm tolerance. The accuracy of the table would depend greatly on its ability to convert a DXF file of the design into commands that the motor can accurately understand. Furthermore, controlling the speed of the cutter would produce a good quality cut.

To achieve the above objective, cutting speed was taken into consideration. A program was written and tests were conducted to check whether 80-90% of the recommended speeds were attained. The cutter's travel time was measured with the use of a stopwatch while it took different paths. Each path was tested using speeds ranging from 50 mm/min to 2,500 mm/min. Results showed that actual time vs. theoretical time yielded a minimal difference, having an average error of 0.9859%.

The software was checked in respect to how the stepper motors would respond to commands coming from the program. Repetitive cutting squares was performed. Forty-eight squares using two kinds of metal (stainless and mild steel), with speeds ranging from 748 mm/min to 1,967 mm/min, three trials per speed generated results identical to the DXF file.

The X-Y cutting table for handheld powermax 350 plasma torch was able to meet all its objectives. While producing a cutting table that could perform all its main functions, other features such as user-friendly speed control, position control, cutting simulator, plasma holder positioning and other safety measures were also added to a cutting table that is both accurate and precise.

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Plasma arc cutting; Metal cutting

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