NLDBI-CBMS: Natural language database interface for community based monitoring system

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In most information system, databases are accessed and manipulation typically through systems developed to tailor-fit the company's needs. A usual problem is that data accessibility is constrained to the forms created for the system. Another way of accessing data is through SQL which is a language not familiar to all users.

A Natural Language Database Interface (NLDBI) is a type of interface that allows users to ask questions or query a database using a natural language. This allows naïve users to access information without having to learn a database language. This is useful in some companies who train people to learn database languages. NLDBI’s increase data accessibility since people need to learn another language.

NLDBI-CBMS is a natural language database interface to the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS). It allows users to access the CBMS data by asking English questions without having to know the technicalities of SQL. It also allows users to use the system without having to fill out several forms. CBMS is a monitoring system used by the government and the different organizations to track poverty indicators in different locations in the Philippines. This allows people to identify the needs of a certain community. The NLDBI-CBMS only accesses the Pasay data."

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