Mobile forms through SMS

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Caslon L. Chua

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Danny C. Cheng
Rhia S. Trogo


Short Message Service (SMS) is designed to provide guaranteed message delivery and it has been very effective in connecting people with the use of mobile phones. It has also been widely used in distributing relevant information to people who use SMS. In addition, SMS not only provides us a new way of communicating it has also become a means for some people to do transactions. Some transactions today are also done through the use of WAP and the Internet, and these transactions use forms to get the necessary information or data that they need.

This research aims to maximize the use of SMS with the use of forms in transaction. Some examples of those transactions are: registration, reservation and survey. This research aims to develop a formatting language similar to Hyper Text Mark-Up Language (HTML) tags for the representation of the forms for mobile phones and an application for the computer and the mobile phone for facilitating transactions that involves collection of numerous data through forms. Additionally, another application will be developed on the computer side for the testing of the system. Parsing and compression algorithm and concepts on SMS will also be studied in this research."

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