Integrated Development Environment and Testing System for JAVA

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Most Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) do not offer faculty for automated testing. Those that do provide only unit testing (i.e. IntelliJ IDEA) which is not enough to assure quality of program. Currently, majority of IDEs provide only customizable shortcuts to standalone testing utilities. As a result, testing tools are still loaded separately, thus wasting time and resources.

Software testing tools may or may not support IDEs. Those that are not integrated with IDEs must run separately. Those that are integrated, however, are mostly limited to unit testing. Moreover, different kinds of testing are provided by different kinds of software. This means that in order to test a software being developed, different testing software must be loaded again this would cost time and resources.

To cater to these problems, the group proposes to research on Integrated Development Environments and testing components. The final output of the program would be to design and develop an Integrated Development Environment with programming and testing tools specially designed for Object-Oriented Java programs.

Keywords: IDE, Automated testing, testing tools, Java, Object Oriented programs, and Unit testing.

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