Gooch3d: Web3d graphics engine

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Conrado Ruiz, Jr.

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Florante Salvador

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Gooch3D: Web3D Graphics Engine is a 3D graphics engine that is designed to run on top of the Web3D platform and it will handle multiple machines and provide multi-user support. It has the different typical graphics engine components such as the renderer, which includes the lighting, shading, and multi-texturing / texture mapping systems, 3D world mapping system, model loading and animation system, collision detection, fogging, particle system, etc. A 3D graphics engine is the core of every 3D application. In games, it can be defined as all the non-game specific technology. The architecture of many existing 3D graphics engines are designed for a single machine setup only. Moreover, when much of the resources are allocated to the engine, other applications that are running might suffer and processing power will become less, in effect, the whole system will be slower. To address this issue, this research focused on integrating the concepts and other theories of computer graphics with the Web3D Platform which is a web-based technology that is still on its early stages of development. The Web3D platform supports 3D graphics that is interactive and presented on the Web. A 3D graphics engine that can support multiple machines was developed for the Web3D platform. This engine is much like the other existing graphics engines but the only difference is that it is implemented on the Web.

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