Programmer's object-oriented learning environment (POOLE)

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Merlin Cruz

Nathalie Rose Lim

Kai Shan Fernandez


Shifting to object-oriented programming (OOP) is difficult for students who have taken courses on procedural programming. Intelligent learning environments (ILE) for programming have been developed to overcome this problem. POOLE is an ILE that focuses on OOP concepts such as abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. It uses the objects first approach in presenting the lessons and exercises that will serve as a supplement for students learning OOP. The approach emphasizes on classes and objects as basic units of interaction. A class diagram design tool is provided to help students understand objects and its relationships. An integrated development environment (IDE) for Java is created using the existing Java compiler and interpreter. The IDE for Java gives English like feedback along with Java compiler error messages based on the recommendations of (Hristova, et. al., 2003), which contains a list of typical errors made by novice programmers, to aid students in understanding OOP concepts better. A coach is also available in POOLE that suggests lessons and gives hints on exercises to students. A teacher tool is also provided that allows professors to make the necessary modifications to the students' POOLE system by building update files.

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Object-oriented programming (Computer science); Computer software--Development; Software engineering

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