Comprehensive Instructional Tool for Emulation and Simulation (CITES)

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Alexis V. Pantola

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Gregory G. Cu
Jocelyn O. Wong-Cu
Karlo Shape O. Campos


A research called System for Advanced & Instruction-oriented Network Topology Simulation (SAINTS) was developed in De La Salle University-Manila to follow the trend of raising simulators to an instructional level rather than a test bed for existing networks. The Comprehensive Instructional Tool for Emulation and Simulation (CITES) is a system that further enhances the SAINTS system.

Through the API provided by SAINTS, additional nodes, links and application are placed in the library. With the new functionalities the system brings, many of the networking concepts previously excluded by the SAINTS are now available for simulation. These include WAN technologies such as frame relay and Integrated Services Digital Network or ISDN. Several other applications specifically Static and Dynamic Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation (PAT), and the Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) are added to allow users to ferform supplementary laboratory exercises. In order of the SAINTS to send packets to and receive packets from an actual device, an emulator module is incorporated through the use of the packett Sniffer and packet converter classes. Another enhancement in the previous system is the creation of the GUI API. Through this, future programmers may be able to design GUIs of their own.

The Comprehensive Instructional Tool for Emulation and Simulation gave rise to a more powerful system for users especially students who wish to practice the networking lessons learned and their theoretical background. The current system is indeed comprehensive as it is developed with WAN capabilities and an emulator module that broadens its usability for laboratory experimentation of educational institution.

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Computer networks; Computer network protocols

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