Adaptive air/fuel mixture control for gasoline electronic fuel injection system (ADAPT)

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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Gregory G. Cu
Karlo Shane O. Campos

Jocelynn W. Cu


Conventional Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems, though capable of sensing various engine operating conditions, generally only optimize air-fuel mixture ratios. The driver-vehicle performance can be enhanced by taking into consideration driving conditions, driver preferences and habits. Inclusion of adaptive control in EFI system can further enhance the functionality of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to dynamically adjust engine performance settings to that preferred by the driver.

This study develops an adaptive air/fuel (A/F) mixture control for EFI systems. It is implemented through a closed-loop, adjustable parameter system based on multiple sensor inputs. A fuzzy-logic implementation monitors driving habits and dynamically adjusts engine performance to the needs of the driver.

The adaptive system is able to adjust A/F mixture from mild to aggressive setting depending on drive characteristics. The corresponding outputs of the adaptive system produce a measurable effect on engine performance.

The fuzzy logic output of the system has a percentage error of 16.80% for average setting detection, 13.83% for mild setting detection and 20.37% for aggressive setting detection. When the adaptive system detects driving behavior towards mild characteristics, engine performance drops by 19.67% while detection of driving behavior towards aggressive characteristics increases engine performance by 53.13%."

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Automobiles--Motors--Electronic fuel injection systems; Motor fuels; Motor vehicles--Fuel consumption; Motorcyles--Motors--Fuel injection systems

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