The morphological effects of hydrocortisone administration on young growing (Mus musculus) white mice

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For a duration of three weeks, four sets of five mice were peritoneally injected daily with four different concentrations of hydrocortisone, namely: 12.0 mg., 25.0 mg., 50.0 mg. and 75.0 mg. The weight (in grams), total length (in centimeters) and abdominal girth (in centimeters) of these mice were measured three times a week to determine the changes in the said physical aspects due to their corresponding hydrocortisone content. The results of the experimental group were compared with the control group.

Mouse 1, which was treated with 25.0 mg. of cortisol, obtained a very high percentage weight growth of 70.0 % than the control group. Similarly, mouse 2 under the 25.0 mg label of cortisol, mouse 5 under 12.5 mg. label and mouse 5 under 50.0 mg. label got high values but not as high as mouse 1 (25.0 mg.). In contrast, the mouse that was administered with 75.0 mg. hydrocortisone achieved a 0.00 % growth weight value.

As for the physical aspect of length, a 0.00 % value was obtained by mouse 2 under the 75.0 mg. label and mouse 2 under, 12.5 mg. label. On the other hand, some of the mice appeared to have an increase in their total lengths but this result cannot be supported by other studies.

With regards to the abdominal girth, the results could not be used due to the acceptance of the null hypothesis of the ANOVA test. Hydrocortisone had no effect on abdominal girth of the mice.

Any excessive amounts of hydrocortisone could cause disturbances as well as damaging effects on the physical weight and total length of young growing white mice.

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Hydrocortisone; Mice; Growth--Research; Cortisone; Hormones; Cortisol

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