Lakas ng Dating!

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts


College of Liberal Arts



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Clodualdo A. Del Mundo, Jr.

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Anne Frances N. Sangil
Maria Angeli R.H. Diaz
Judy Freya Q. Sibayan


Image is very essential to the salability of a certain product. Be it a tangible object, an idea, or a person or group of people, the way they are presented down to the very least of details is given much importance. In order for something or someone to appeal to its target market, it has to posses the qualities that are of importance, relevance, and interest to the consumers. In this light, the researchers studied how image construction is applied to the music industry. This project is focused on a band that is new yet already successful in its own right, and how its production company carefully planned, thought of and eventually applied just the right kind of image it needs in order to respond to the public's desire for a fresh and at the same time familiar group of musicians to watch and support.

This documentary video is all about the way the importance of image in a particular commodity is manifested. Through documentations such as interviews, footages, and history of both the band and the company, this project presented how marketing strategies are applied even to making a band popular to a greater public, which eventually leads to the production company's profit (or loss for that matter). The researchers did not intend to show a negative impression of how popular bands get to the fame they are in and how much a production company does for them. Instead, they presented the reality behind every selling procedure, treating the band as the product, and the company as the capitalist.

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