A Streaming sub protocol for the COSMOS middleware ADHARA

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Gregory G. Cu

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Jocelynn W. Cu
Arlyn Verina L. Ong
Geanne Ross L. Franco


Empathic space is an environment wherein devices can identify and adapt to the behavior and emotion of an individual by providing changes on the ambient settings. The Communication and Storage Protocol for the Ambient Intelligent Platform of the Empathic Space (COSMOS) protocol provides the necessary foundation for the interconnection, transfer and communication of devices present in an empathic space to allow storing and accessing of distributed data throughout the network. Nodes, which could be programs or devices, provides a typical setup of an empathic computing space that takes advantage of the COSMOS protocol and are capable of accessing live streams of data from other nodes using peer-to-peer networking. However, problems occur in real-time and in consistencies for streaming as more nodes are added. A Streaming Sub Protocol of the COSMOS Middleware (ADHARA), which is an extension of the COSMOS protocol, provides a real-time and consistent data streaming that can handle multiple requests from multiple devices within an Empathic system. This extension also implements an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be extended to allow data streaming from different data types within the network. The ADHARA implementation maximizes the empathic space environment by allowing real time data streaming that is consistent over multiple devices. The ADHARA system delivers consistent throughput that is averaging 25.3 Mbps from different data types and input devices. This system implementation is better than the COSMOS protocol transfer rate of 4.1 Mbps while current implementation is 2.4 bps. Lastly, the ADHARA system implements a node to node type of setup wherein a node is not limited to being a stream source of a stream destination at any given time.

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