Computer image management system

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


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Computer Science

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Alexis V. Pantola

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Jod B. Villamarin
Arlyn Verina L. Ong
Francis Lai
Geanne Ross L. Franco


Disk imaging and restoration tools help in managing the creation and restoration of disk images that contain a specific operating system and a set of applications. However, the problem with the existing restoration approaches ranging from local and remote restoration of current tool is that they take a significant amount of time in the restoration of a large number of homogeneous computers. Local restoration is an approach where one computer can be restored at a certain time. It suffers from multiple repetition of the whole restoration process if there are a lot of computers involved in the process. Another approach is called remote restoration which can be either unicast or multicast. In this type of restoration, a remote centralized server is used to restore a large number of remote computers. Furthermore, this approach solves the problem with local restoration however the unicast approach suffers from a bottleneck in the remote server when restoring many computers. On the other hand, multicast remote restoration solves the problem of unicast but requires all of the computers to participate in the restoration process at the same time. Consequently, this study aim to develop a disk imaging and restoration system that reduces the bottleneck in the remote server and the limitation for simultaneous disk restoration through the use of the Bittorent Protocol that solves the problem of Unicast and Multicast approaches. Experiments show that the system is able to create and restore disk image files. Furthermore, the experiments also show that the system allows the restoration of disk images of multiple clients without the need for simultaneous disk restoration.

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