Infrared tracking based pointing device for presentations using projecter

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Bachelor's Thesis

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Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


Gokongwei College of Engineering


Electronics and Communications Engineering

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Alexander C. Abad

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Jose Antonio M. Catalan
Jay Robert B. Del Rosario
Mark Lorenze D. Torregoza


Computers today are more than necessary when doing presentations in meetings, class discussions and presentations. In line with this, people are looking for technologies that can help ease interaction with computers. HCI devices (Human-Computer Interaction) have drastically changed to better suit the modern man. This study aims to develop an Infrared Tracking-based Pointing Device that can be used during presentations with a projector.

The study is centered on developing a device that will utilize infrared points and hand gestures, detected by a Pixart camera, to implement mouse commands when doing presentations and discussions far from the computer. The infrared pointer will be worn by the user consisting of infrared LEDS to be tracked by the camera. The camera is connected to a Zilog microcontroller that will handle data then send it to the computer. The computer will then analyze the data, which will implement the necessary mouse functions. C Programming language will be used for the data processing and transmission while Visual Basic Programming will be used for the mouse function implementations.

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